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We would be happy to test your water for free if you would like to send us a sample. It would be helpful to know the water source. Such as whether you need a free water test for city water or a private well. You may have a spring or cistern as the water source. Whatever it is, that helps us to know which of our locations that you need to send a water sample to. If you need water tests  or water testing for harmful bacteria or other harmful contaminants, you may need a paid water test. If all you are trying to do is determine your general water chemistry to decide how much hardness or iron and things like that are in the water, then the free testing is just fine for you.

Call us  for Free Water Test address and further instructions, or to ask questions about what is the correct water test. We send different types of water tests to different labs we have across the country. It just depends on what you need to test for in order for us to know where it needs to go.

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