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Residencial Water Treatment System

Aqua Prince Water Filter is an intelligent, low-maintenance softener that quietly softens your entire family's water. The softeners have high capacity salt storage to minimize the frequency of salt refilling. 3M™ Fully Automatic Water Softeners use high-efficiency food-grade resin which has a higher life. An intelligent control valve with a centralized controlling system provides operational ease & a smooth user interface for checking the operating status.

Commercial Water Treatment System

Aqua Prince Water Filter water purifiers come with electronically authenticated cartridges that deliver healthy or no water.

Intelligent Purity system ensures the delivery of safe water or no water, it continuously senses the UV rays fall on the sensor and stops the function of the UV fails. We use food-grade, non-toxic, and engineering-grade plastics. 

Industrial Water Treatment System

Industrial water treatment is a process used for a variety of applications with both simple and complex, effective, low-cost, and compact systems to handle various water purification and separation needs. Industrial water treatment is needed since if unclean water is utilized in the production process then the unwanted substances can have a negative effect on product quality. And if the water is used in production processes, impurities can directly affect product quality

Water Softeners

Water softeners reduce the amount of limescale in your home. Less limescale means longer life for appliances, greater efficiency in your heating, and healthier skin and hair.

Home Water Filter System

Aqua Prince jumbo filters are suitable for homes and restaurants that purifies tap water from any impurities & harmful chemicals.