Aqua Prince Water Filter specializes in providing water filters and purifiers for domestic & commercial use. water purification solutions. We provide our customers with the best water purification service across UAE. Our water filters are designed to eliminate harmful chemicals from the water that not only affects our health but also damages Hair & Skin.

Who We Are

AQUA Prince is dedicated to realizing ever-increasing heights of customer satisfaction through continual improvement in the quality of its products and solutions. This can be accomplished by our overall commitment. Provide persuasive answers to make sure our customers succeed. Constant upgrading our technical proficiency. Improve the experience of our people from regular training. Continuous upgrading and review of the system.

Our Mission

Aqua Prince attempt to Supply you with the best support in Assisting You to establish and succeed with your water endeavor when providing great customer support to Nurture and maintain outstanding relationships with our customers.

Our Vision


CEO Message


Our filters are of the highest quality that makes water safe for drinking, cooking, gardening & sanitation. Our machines are assembled individually by experts and then inspected, tested, and certified by highly-trained QC engineers.

We promise to deliver fast and efficient support from our experienced technicians to our customers.

AQUA PRINCE is a well-known company working in RO water heaters. Our brand name is now the most popular & suitable Nation --shrewd Due to exceptional quality & sporty elements. Our Dealer & Distributor network ensures ideal shuttle support, which can be most Essential within an RO System. AQUA PRINCE chooses the right blend of elements using specialized innovation and strength. Whether you want Domestic, We provide one-point access and accessibility under a single roof.
AQUA PRINCE guarantees safe drinking water using a reverse osmosis purification system and UV water treatment for Germ soft and free water. Water handled through our RO Water Purifier filters is analyzed to be free of hardness, toxic We guarantee family and you with pure drinking water That’s healthful and allows You to combat water-borne ailments. Respecting their perspectives, and being before emerging trends and prospective technology breakthroughs.

Taste & Odor Filter

Mineral Filter

Ultra Violet (UV) Filter

Bio Cera Al-kaline Filter

Faucet & Installation Kit

Storage Tank 3.5 Gallon

( 50-75-100 GPD )

RO Dow Chemical Membrane

Booster Pump (110/220 V, 50/60 Hz)

10” Carbon Block Filter

10” GAC Filter

10” Sediment Filter

  • To provide superb customer service and to offer the highest quality water treatment options available.

  • To earn the loyalty and respect of our customers and become a company that thrives on referrals. 

  • To keep up with advances in water treatment technology and to continually expand our base of knowledge and expertise. 

  • To always remain aware of our responsibility to our environment and educate our customers and staff on eco-friendly options.


  • To be recognized as the leader in the water treatment industry providing appropriate solutions to every problem presented to us. 

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